Last updated: May 2016

Carebox.Community is committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability.

This website is a work in progress and we’d be very grateful for your feedback on how accessible the site is for you. This website conforms to exisiting recommendations, good practice and standards and is currently undergoing accessibility testing. Once this process is complete, the site will aim to comply with the WCAG 2.0 guidelines to at least Level A.

During this testing period or thereafter, if you should experience any difficulty in accessing the content on the website please don’t hesitate to contact us with your feedback. Your comments will be invaluable during our testing period and beyond and will help us improve the website.

Let us know:

  • which content you wanted to access
  • the problem you experienced
  • the browser you were using to view the content
  • your operating system and platform (i.e. Windows 10, PC)


Help using computers, the web and assistive technology

If you need extra help in using computers, the web and assistive technology, we recommend BBC My Web, My Way. The BBC site has videos and information to help you use the accessibility features of your computer and how to make it easier to use the web.


Visual Design

This site uses cascading style sheets (CSS) for visual layout. If your browser or browsing device does not support style sheets, the content of each page is designed to still be readable.

Skipping to Content

If you’re using a screen reader or keyboard to navigate the website, you can use the ‘Skip to Content’ link at the top of every page to bypass the navigation and get to the main content of every page quickly.

Text Size

We’ve selected basic, simple, easily-readable fonts for this website and the site uses only relative font sizes, compatible with the user-specified “text size” option in visual browsers. All modern browsers allow resizing of text via the keyboard or browser settings. If you would like to make the text larger or smaller, please check the size controls integrated into your browser settings.


The background and text colours of the site have been chosen to ensure a clear contrast. You can change the default colours via the settings in your browser. If you choose to use the custom wallpaper functionality, this may affect the accesibility of the site.


All images used on this site include descriptive ALT attributes. Purely decorative graphics include null ALT attributes. We are still in the process of reviewing the images on this website so let us know if we’ve missed any alt tags.


Links within the site have been written to make sense out of context, and wherever possible, title attributes which describe the link in greater detail have been added.


This website occassionally includes videos. Videos are made avaliable from,,, and many other sites, by embedding the code in to the content. We cannot control the accessibility of the external video functionality.

Access Keys

We have not used access keys on this website. There is no recognised standard for key combinations and too much of a risk of conflicting with some screen readers that use similar combinations for different functions.