Batman and Ethan

Daniel Kish has been blind since he was 13 months old, but has learned to ‘see’ using a form of echolocation. He uses clicking noises, like a bat, to build up a picture of the world around him. It’s no wonder that his nickname is ‘Batman’.

I was driving to Edinburgh last week listening to Radio 4 and heard a programme titled ‘Batman and Ethan’. It was about how Daniel had travelled to Scotland to help a young boy called Ethan who was about to start a new school – he taught him echolocation techniques and how to begin see the world through sound.

“Ethan was born blind. He’s now a 10 year-old boy who collects sounds on his 51 dictaphones, composes music, and performs on stage in concerts. Until now he’s been home-schooled, but last year he was offered a place at St Mary’s Music School in Scotland – one of the best in the country. The problem is he struggles to get around.

The documentary follows Ethan’s progress as he learns from Daniel Kish. You can listen to the programme on the BBC website by following this link:

Batman and Ethan ›


If you want to find out more about Daniel Kish, you may be interested in this TED video. In a rousing talk, Kish demonstrates how this works and asks us to let go of our fear of the “dark unknown.”

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