Bionic 3D printed prosthetics for kids

The next generation of bionics

Bionic hands for children may soon be available on the NHS as the world’s first clinical trial of a new type of prosthesis begins this week. The 3D-printed devices for child amputees, based on popular Disney characters, are designed to be produced at a fraction of a cost of current models. A Bristol based firm called Open Bionics won the prestigious... continue reading this post »

Brain Injury Identity Card launches this week

HRH Prince Harry to launch new brain injury initiative

HRH Prince Henry of Wales is to launch a new initiative from the UK-wide brain injury charity Headway. The charity’s Brain Injury Identity Card will help the police identify brain injury survivors and ensure they are given appropriate support when they come into contact with the criminal justice system. The card can also provide brain... continue reading this post »

Respite for carers

Caring for Carers

At Carebox we understand the vital role that carers play. Caring for a loved one can be physically and mentally very demanding. It’s a role that requires 100 per cent commitment, and a lot of selflessness. The pressure of supporting someone can take its toll, so it’s vitally important that no matter how committed you... continue reading this post »

RNIB Podcast - The Weekly Connect

The Weekly Connect

The Weekly Connect is a radio show/podcast brought to you by the RNIB. The show lets you talk about the issues that matter to you if you live with sight loss. Each week features people talking about the good, the bad and the ugly of life with a visual impairment.  No subject is off limits!... continue reading this post »

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