Carebox Code of Conduct

Last updated: March 2016

In this policy, references to “we” “our” or “us” means Carebox. Reference to “you” means the person accessing as a registered or non-registered user.

When you use the Carebox website you are agreeing to the Code of Conduct. You’re also agreeing to our Terms & Conditions and our Privacy & Cookies Policy.

We may revise our policies at any time, and you are bound to these changes so please check back regularly and take note of our ‘last updated’ date.

Carebox Code of Conduct

Thanks for joining Carebox. Our community is open to anyone over the age of 18, whatever their circumstances or experience. This is a supportive online community and by becoming a Careboxer, you are helping to grow a valuable online resource for people dealing with specialist care needs. Our site is a place to connect and not only share your stories, but also offer help and advice, support and reassurance.

We want our community to be friendly and safe. Please follow our Code of Conduct everytime you use the site.

Be repsectful is a place where you can contibute to forum conversations and blog comments. Please take time to consider the tone of your conversations and comments. Don’t be judgemental or make assumptions. Everyone is entitled to their opinion – please remember that not everyone will have the same opinion as you! Carebox has the right to remove, edit or close any conversation or blog comment if we feel it breaches our Code of Conduct.

Harassment is a criminal offence and we adopt zero tolerance towards any type of harassment activity. We will ban members if they:

  • repeatedly cause offence and post insulting remarks
  • are in any way abusive or cause harassment

SHOUTING is when you type words in caps – used sparingly this is OK, but excessive use of capital letters is not advisable and may result in your posts being edited or removed.

Our rules apply to private messages as well as public posts and all members have the ability to report any issues or complaints to the Carebox Team.

Be responsible

When you join Carebox you can choose to use your usual name or remain more anonymous by using an online nickname. Whatever you decide, for your safety and security, please be responsible with information you post about yourself and your circumstances.

You should never post your home address, email or phone number in forum conversations or blog comments. You can use private messaging to contact other members, but be vigilant when doing so – not everyone online is who they say they are. Carebox will always take care to moderate the users and content of our site but it’s up to you to be responsible with regards to information you provide about yourself.

You are welcome to post images within forum conversations but please follow these rules:

  • do not post images of anyone without their consent
  • do not post images of anyone under 18 without parental consent
  • do not post images that are likely to cause offence
  • no nudity, no pornography

As a member of Carebox, please be responsible about your own content and look out for each other. If you see something that you feel breaches our Code of Conduct or Terms & Conditions you can report it to the Carebox Team – use the ‘report this post’ option or contact us directly. Rather than responding to or entering into a dialogue with abusive or offensive individuals it’s much better to report them.

We cannot guarantee or verify the content of any externally linked website. Users should therefore note that they click on external links at their own risk. Carebox cannot be held liable for any damage or implications caused by visiting any external site. Users are advised to adopt a policy of caution before clicking any external links, particularly any posted within forum conversations.

Please DO NOT post content from our site on any other website. Personal stories shared on Carebox should stay within the realms of your community. You do not have a right to post other people’s stories or information about their circumstances on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform.

Be Supportive

Conversations between people who have shared similar experiences and who are able to understand what each other is facing, can be invaluable. If you feel you can provide support by starting a conversation or joining one, please do so.

You are welcome to talk about treatments, medications etc., but please don’t try be an online doctor, what works for you may not be right for someone else. If you are offering advice, please remember to be clear that you are talking from personal experience and providing a personal opinion.

Be Yourself

You are welcome to talk about products or services you have personal experience of if you think the information will be helpful to other Careboxers. Please don’t spam the site with commercial advertising or directly plug products, services or other websites without context to personal experience. Carebox will remove any such blatant advertising.

Cutting and pasting large sections of content from other websites is also not allowed as it breaches intellectual property rights. Carebox is your community so please use your own voice and your own words. If you do want to include external content, a short summary and a link is better then cutting and pasting.

Enjoy using the site!

Enjoy connecting with other people and enjoy being part of a respectful, responsible, supportive community.