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As it’s #AutismAwarenessMonth I thought I’d put together a book, film and article resource on the forum, specific to Aspergers and Autism, as we’ve had a few book suggestions recently and I’ve also found a few titles that people might find useful.

But then I went off on a tangent and wondered how I could best put together all the information I’ve gathered over the past year related to Carebox, not just to Autism and Aspergers, that I still haven’t used on the blog or forum and Pinterest popped into my head. Pinterest is a great social network that allows users to visually share and discover new interests by posting (or ‘pinning’) images and videos to boards which are a collections of ‘pins’ on a common theme.

Up until now I’ve been very analogue in collecting together topics for the Carebox forum and blog and kept countless written notes in a notebook as well as word documents on my computer. I use Pinterest a lot in my other work as a designer/maker and it’s proved to be a very useful tool to store inspiration, ideas, tutorials etc. So I thought, why not try and use it for Carebox as well.

It’d be a great way to make an online resource for Careboxers to use, but also to spread the word online about Carebox and share information about specialist care needs with a wider online community.

So here we are – starting small with a few boards related to what we’ve blogged about already, but hopeful to grow into something bigger – a great resource for others as well as for us.

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