One Killer Punch

An innocuous confrontation can turn out so badly – one punch, and for a family there’s a big hole where a son or husband used to be. A Channel 4 documentary entitled ‘One Killer Punch‘ was broadcast in November last year and told three main stories of three different assaults.

I didn’t know at the time that there was a fourth story that Channel 4 decided not to include in the documentary. I discovered it today on the Headway Facebook page. It’s the story of Jamie McKechnie and how a single punch changed his life forever.

On the night of the 15th August 2011, he had been on his way home with friends when he became the victim of an unprovoked assault, during which he received a single blow to the back of his head. One punch was all it took to leave Jamie unconscious on the roadside with a life-changing brain injury.

This powerful short film tells Jamie’s story from the life he led as a keen BMX rider to the catastrophic effects of his brain injury.

Having rebuilt his life with the support of wife Ellen and Headway South East London North West Kent, Jamie was nominated as Achiever of the Year in the 2015 Headway Awards. I could write much more but I’d much rather direct you to Ellen and Jamie’s blog where you can read their story from the source – it’s a tear jerker, so have a box of hankies handy!


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  1. What an amazing story – thanks for posting this. It just amazes me how people can be so stupid and careless with their lives and actions without realising the devastating effect they can have on someone’s life. Jamie is a lucky man to have his family, friends and girlfriend stand by him and help him in his recovery. I’m kind of hoping Channel 4 will make a sequel as I want to know how his cycling skill progress!

  2. Hi Ruth, I was just about to logout when I saw your comment pop up. If you visit Ellen and Jamie’s blog you’ll find out a bit about their next chapter. Jamie had the goal of walking down the aisle un-aided to marry his girlfriend and they posted this video of their special day – – tear jerker alert! I’m going to keep an eye on their blog for updates as I’d like to see more BMX biking too.

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